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About The Gift of Swimming

The mission of the Gift of Swimming is to provide access to drowning prevention resources and education for the community's underprivileged, mentally or physically challenged or otherwise disadvantaged. ​

"Everyone deserves to enrich their lives through the joy of swimming, and we would like to help make that possible."- Joy McGinty, Founder

Since 2003, we have provided services to over 4,475 Children.

Data proves that our program is successful inside and outside the classroom.  Improvement has been shown through swim skills, physical fitness, well being and school behavior. 

Our program has the ability to change lives and stop multigenerational challenges.

Did you know...

Florida leads the nation in childhood drownings under the age of 5.

79% of Children in Households with incomes less than $50,000 have little to no swim skills.

Nonfatal Drowning can result in long term health problems and costly hospital stays.

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